Our History

A Brief History

The Jayna TMF was founded in May 2011 with the vision of making an impact on gender equality in the tech world. With 30% of tech workers being women, 10% female founders, 10% female investors, 24% women sourced in the news, something had to change.

We became passionate about catalyzing this change. We saw how important it was to have more women in technology as leaders, founders, investors and technical talent.

The Jayna TMF grew from a side “passion project” to the leading brand for the next generation of technology leaders, and every day our work is inspired by the fact that we get to be the change we want to see in the world.

In June of 2018, we changed hands for our next phase of growth. Under our new leadership, we continue to create impactful programming, content, products and partnerships that build more vibrant and diverse technology ecosystems around the world.

We’re a media and tech company, with community at our hearts. True to our for-profit, for-good roots, we focus on making action through frictionless, accessible and scalable solutions and social good initiatives.

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